Legal and tax planning and compliance services

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. – Benjamin Franklin

Understanding tax considerations is undoubtedly a critical part of corporate financial management. Complex tax laws and implementing rules affect virtually every aspect of doing business. Understanding and preparing for tax exposures after an income tax holiday is as important as planning for your tax strategy year after year to strengthen your financial position and minimize your income tax liability. No need to take risks and wait for the BIR to assess your tax returns, by then, it would be in its critical stage. Compliance is the key, not avoidance, not evasion.

Our tax consultants can help you with your tax planning and compliance needs, our tax lawyers can likewise help you review your tax returns and provide a legal advise on how to best proceed with your legal predicaments.

Our legal and tax compliance division also helps you with your labor, civil and corporate law litigation representation when you need it.

Our comprehensive legal and tax services is just one of the comprehensive portfolio of services that mjb+associates offer to our clients.

Remember, compliance is still the cheapest and safest way to go. So why risk exposures when you can plan it well ahead of time? Ask us how, we can help.