Information Technology and Special Engagement Services

Technology Advisory

We provide our clients advice in areas ranging from strategy development to the implementation of defined tactical responses to help realize service excellence, operational efficiency and business value from their IT investments. We differentiate ourselves by helping clients assess their IT and overall business initiatives to develop technology strategies that address issues ranging from initial infrastructure deployment to system replacement to full IT transformation. Our experience enables us to help clients think through tactical issues while also considering the holistic potential impacts to the overall organization.

Our principals in this area provides deep knowledge and experience in technology advisory, enterprise architecture,  infrastructure planning and management,  IT operational optimization, and technology innovation. This spectrum of technology experience enables us to deliver a portfolio of services including the use of cloud based and SaaS solution and strategy development, innovative technology solution development, business and technology architecture planning and design, and IT operational transformation.

We assist clients in designing their IT strategies to support their business goals in areas such as designing practical IT architectures, technology platforms, operating models and plans to efficiently deliver required business and technical capabilities.

Special Engagements

Our special engagement services start during the business conception stage all the way up to intervention in cases of organizational crisis or leadership vacuum. Our company formation, interim management, business support insourcing services fall under the firm’s special engagement division. Individually and collectively, we have helped LGUs and NGOs with their feasibility studies and independent project management needs.