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Getting your company or partnership formed is just a start but there is more to do after that.

Securing the mayor’s permit and BIR tax registration are a few good examples of what follows shortly after your company or partnership is formed. While they appeared easy and simple for anyone to do, they normally would require a lot of time falling in line, waiting, filling up of forms, waiting for an update and finally getting it registered just in time for the other process to start. There is a great deal of dependencies involved between one process to another. Like you can’t have your SSS number registered without completing the BIR registration first. You can’t have your HDMF without getting your SSS and PhilHealth numbers created and your business registered first. This goes on and on and on. Finally, you can’t get your official business permit unless the team of city inspectors go to your place and signs off your your application.

At the end of the day, the amount of time and effort wasted in the process of getting your business registered would be better spent doing something else. So why bother do it when MJB + Associates can do this process for you?

We at MJB + Associates have been doing business registrations and renewals for our clients year after year, client after client. We have people who specializes at getting this process done faster, done properly, and done thoroughly. So the next time you plan to get your business started here in Cebu, think smarter, let us do it for you. Now that is what we call making business registration here in Cebu City, easy!


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