Assurance Advisory Accounting Audit Services

The demand for reliable information for decision makers is the primary dictum underlying the need for assurance, audit and advisory services. We, at jb+associates, have the expertise and the integrity to help you meet this demand – be it Internal Audit, Statutory Audit or Governance, Risk and Compliance.

As your partner in internal audit, we can provide your organization the industry knowledge, the internal audit skills and the tools that you need. We are your business supporters, not corporate fault-finders and together we can create the foundation to make Internal Audit a strategic asset that would foster best practices from one business area to another.

As your statutory auditor, our end-goal is to help you build the public’s trust and confidence on your financial data through transparency. Our robust and multi-disciplinary audit committees will provide timely and constructive challenges to management and transparent information for your stakeholders.

Risk is an inherent element in all business transactions and, as your business advisory partner, we are here to help you identify and manage significant risks including operational risks, financial risks and compliance risks among others. We know that each organization is unique, thus, we tailor-fit our services to give your organization the best boost. Our services include Business Continuity Management, and Compliance and Risk Management among others.

Assure your financial and operational performance with one bold move which cuts costs and reduces risk. Ask us how!